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Cassava production and processing in Southeast Asia

visit here Throughout mainland Southeast Asia, cassava (Manihot esculenta) has become an important smallholder crop grown by millions of upland farmers. During the last decade, the area of cultivation has expanded rapidly to meet the growing demand for carbohydrates.

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Average yields in Asia relative to other regions

durchschnittlicher wasserverbrauch single haushalt kosten In the following section the national production statistics from FAO are presented. While these statistics are useful to compare between countries, they can be somewhat misleading given the diversity of production and processing systems within a country. More detailed information can be accessed through the country pages that highlight some of these differences.

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Cassava area and yield in Cambodia (Source: FAO Stats)

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Cassava area and yield in Indonesia (Source: FAOStats)

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Cassava area and yield in Lao PDR (Source: FAOStats)

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Cassava area and yield in Vietnam (Source: FAOStats)

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Cassava area and yield in Myanmar (Source: FAOStats)

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Cassava area and yield in Thailand (Source: FAOStats)