Trade in cassava roots, chips and native starch

The traded value of cassava has increased rapidly since the mid 2000s. The reported exports in 2015 exceeded $US4.23 Billion. Cassava starch is the most traded starch globally, while maize starch dominates local markets in key markets such as China and the USA. At the same time the value of cross border trade in fresh roots (largely Cambodia-Vietnam, Cambodia-Thailand, Laos-Thailand) increased to supply the processing and trading hubs in Thailand and Vietnam. The international dry chip market remains dominated by China.

Source: Comtrade

In the sections below various trade data is presented. The availability of data differs significantly between countries. In some cases the data is derived from import data and in others the export data.


Thai Exports of cassava products (Source: Thai Customs Department)

Cumulative monthly export data (volume and value).