Structure of the Cassava Value Chains and Livelihood Program

The Cassava Value Chains and Livelihood Program consists of two interlinked projects. 

 - Developing value-chain linkages to enhance the adoption of profitable and sustainable cassava production systems in Vietnam and Indonesia AGB/2012/078

 - Developing cassava production and marketing systems to enhance smallholder livelihoods in Cambodia, Lao PDR  ASEM/2014/053

The key project documents for the two projects can be downloaded from this page.

Project Documents

These are the key guiding documents for project implementation, including the proposed activities, outputs, and outcomes for each project objective as well as the expected project impact.

AGB project document

ASEM project document

Annual Reports 2016

Reports prepared in July 2016 after the first 6 months of program implementation

ASEM 2016 Report

Annual Reports 2016-2017

Reports prepared in July 2017 and covering program implementation from July 2016 - June 2017

AGB 2016-2017 Report

ASEM 2016-2017 Report

Progress to Completion Reports

Reports prepared for the project Mid-Term Review in January 2018 covering program implementation from July 2016

Progress to completion report ASEM/2014/053

Progress to completion report AGB/2012/078